I remember reading "The revolution must be international and worldwide. It cannot be carried out on a nation-by-nation basis." I was like "okay so it's impossible and you're wasting everyone's time."

Classic philosophist moment. 🙄

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You should look into "Tartaria Mudflood" theory, evidence that there was a worldwide flood as recently as 1812. All the "greco-roman" architecture around the world on every continent looks the same, and the mainstream historians don't have a sufficient explanation for this, there had to be some sort of global technologically advanced European civilization. Its unexplainable how Europeans from 300 years ago could have built all of those structures without technology which is more advanced than what exists in the 21st century.

blog documenting a compilation of mudflood photos:

https: //wakeuphuman .livejournal .com/921 .html

examples of mudflood videos:

https: //www .youtube .com/watch?v=cpC0hR-77xo

https: //www .youtube .com/watch?v=bk-o42NNQm4&list=PLJk0yT4erxuRcCMBujshjWZ-KNAHAWCx6

example of mudflood youtube channels,

https: // www. youtube. com/@jonlevichannel/videos

https: // www. youtube. com/@PhilippDr

https: // www. youtube. com/@staticintheattic1984/videos

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Aren't most of self-reported happiness scales pseudoscience?

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