"culture occupation" is smart

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Good post. Remind's me of Richard Hanania's recent post. Very not critical.

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Great article, and looking forward to more of your writing (will subscribe when I have more time, am very busy with Uni atm)

In regards to feminism, I wonder if it is really a subject of the culture war at all. Is it really true, that Simone de Beauvoir wrote some stupid books, and women decided not to be housewifes anymore, or is it not more true, that feminist authors, with similar arguments, have existed for a long time, but never found a major audience, until technological changes made the old role of the housewife and mother obsolete, leading to a decline in status for these women, and them searching for alternative roles and essentially copying that of men?

The feminist revolution suspiciously corresponds to the invention of affordable dishwashers and other machinery, the invention of the pill driving birthrates down (lower birthrates in general because of lower infant mortality and generally higher wealth) etc

Being a mother of 6 in a world with no fridges, dishwashers, washing machines etc is a fulltime job. But being a mother to one child is not. At least not for long. That made being a stay at home mom quite expensive and not economically feasible for most (if you look at who still conforms to traditional gender roles, it is the most rich people, even if they preach luxury beliefs and nonmonogamy etc).

Quite interesting to you should also be the data on life satisfaction over time between the gneders (can also be broken down by age cohort for more insight). It appears, that female life satisfaction has declined more strongly, despite "patriarchy" being dissolved. (arguably, because women are less suited to male roles, and because of higher disgust sensitivity and cultural expectations do more of the housework and child raising, in addition to working)

I do agree that feminism is bad, but am not sure if you really can return to the old structures, were they not abandoned for a reason? Sure, ban the pill etc (birthrates are low enough already, even without abortions), but that still does not change the fact that even with 4 children on average dedicated housewife are not really necessary anymore to run a household...

In regards to the male incel problem, the solution is simple. You need monogamous relationship -> banning tinder, and people must be more religious again and shame people for premarital sex. Casual sex and female hypergamy are the driving factor of sexlessness in young men.

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the sexual marketplace is so ruined and "culture war" pseuds won't talk about it!

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