Sociobiology, whether quantitative or qualitative, is an important component of bourgeois ideology. Sociobiology is pseudoscientific literature that has been developed to support the permanence of the domination of the capitalist class over modern society. To understand the role of sociobiology, it is important to analyze its emergence onto the landscape of bourgeois anthropology in the 1960s. This is a topic I have included in my three-part substack essay:


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Gregory Clark is definitely worth adding (either his articles or books).

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I do not even know what "wordcel" means. I hope you do not buy into "anti-incel" jargon that was created by sex-obsessed, i.e. mentally ill men. That books are a waste of time and only those with a lot of math are to be read is hopefully a joke. (Not to mention that this blog post is very long too.)

Further, people with 3+ sigma IQs often suffer in life and/or have strange biographies. Just think of Chris Langan, Rick Rosner, the Unabomber.

Nils M. Holm wrote an unfinished book about it called "The Gap":


Also of interest is an article he wrote about a man and a woman with 3+ sigma IQs whose life failed:


A study I found showed higher rates of illnesses too:


In the end, the Alt-Right or however you want to call it, reads way too little, especiall concerning the arts, i.e. the novel, as German publisher Götz Kubitschek remarked some time ago. Brilliant and well-read scholar Günter Maschke said this as well.

As Gómez Dávila wrote:

"Reading is an unsurpassable drug, because more than just the mediocrity of our lives, it allows us to escape the mediocrity of our souls."

"The soul surpasses the world, whereas the world encompasses humanity.

The insignificance of humanity renders “philosophies of history” ridiculous, whereas the infinite price of each human soul vindicates religion."

"The problem is not sexual repression, nor sexual liberation, but sex."

"Modern society is abolishing prostitution through promiscuity."

"In every age there are two types of readers: the curious reader in search of novelties and the aficionado of literature."

"Those who prophesy more than indefinite cycles of decline and ascent are hiding some suspicious product they want to sell for cash."

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I would like to hear your take on William Sargant's Battle for the Mind. I think it might help inspire ideas for research.

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Why use the term 'Quantitative Sociobiology'? Do you imply that this field of study is about the biology behind society? Wouldn't a better term be 'Quantitative Biological Sociology'? Or maybe simply 'Biological Sociology'?

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