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The problem is that ugly old men want to rape young beautiful teenage women. (And homosexual men want to rape young men as well). The system is extremely unfair and almost psuedo-incestuous.

It doesn't make sense that teens are forced to respect their highschool teachers as much as they respect their parents. The respect for parents comes from the biological fact that all creatures have evolved to have an anti-incest mechanism to preserve the species. This parent-child relationship is able to be close and respectful because the young person doesn't have to worry that their parent is going to rape them. This parent-child relationship doesn't exist and can never exist between a random adult (highschool teacher) and a random teenager.

There is one type of relationship which a person is supposed to have with to their parents, and an entirely different type of relationship which a person is supposed to have their spouse. Highschool teachers expect teenagers to give them all the respect that a child owes to a parent, combined with all the respect that a wife owes to husband, but with literally none of the nobles oblige that comes with either a spouse/marriage relationship or a parent-child relationship. This is especially predatory in regard to male highschool teachers and teenage women.

This is the number one thing that fucking pisses me off about the group of geriatric incels who call themselves "The Manosphere". When these godamnfucking disgusting faggot elderly ugly incels advocate that "older men should date younger women", they are simply advocating thievery and dysgenics, most of them are race-traitors too who respect men of other races more than they respect the women of their own race. When a old 40 year old man wants to date a 18 year old woman, he's stealing the a woman who could have been a young man's wife, he's stealing the daughter of one of his fellow men the same age as himself, and he's ruining the young womans life by demanding both the respect due to a father and the respect due to a husband, while providing the nobles oblige of neither.

These all old incels need to be castrated. Any true RETVRN TO TRADITION would include bringing back Feudalism and the eunuch slave-caste. Modern leftist egalitarianism gives old geriatric incel peasant men the idea that "WE WUZ KANGZ", when in reality, if if lived in traditional times, these type of men would have been castrated eunuch-slaves on a fiefdom doing manual labor all for for the feudal lords. The incels would not have the luxury to complain all day on the internet about how women and "Chads" have done the unforgivably evil crime of simply existing.

How many men would actually want their 18 year old daughter to marry a ugly incel 40 year old man?

How many brothers would want their 18 year old sister to marry an ugly incel 40 year old man?

How many sons think to themselves "hm! my life would have been so much better if only my mother had married an ugly man who's old enough to be in a nursing home when she was 18!"

And these are the supposed to be the same fags who argue that biological differences are real, that white people biologically are different than blacks, that men are biologically different than women. But when it comes to geriatrics dating young women, these oldfags insist that "older men and ugly men have a better personality! Old men are morally superior to young men!" If these oldfags are so holy and pious and wise and mature, then why can't they find a woman their own age to marry? If the old incels are morally superior to young men, why are they so shallow that they still after all those years haven't learned how to focus on any other trait in a woman other than youth, and proudly proclaim that woman lose all their value at age 30?!

These "Men's Rights Activists" will claims that normal men who that don't support geriatric incels relationships with 18 year old women are all "cucks". But literally the definition of a cuck is a man who want his wife to get fucked by other men. Men who protest against older man + younger woman relationships are actually trying to avoid being cucks by trying to prevent predatory old incels from fucking their wives, sisters, or daughters. Any normal father wants to prevent his 18 year old daughter from getting preyed on and marrying an geriatric incels. And normal 18 year old young man wants to prevent his 18 year old future wife from getting preyed on by geriatric incels. Any normal father would also want to prevent his young adult son from being cucked a predatory geriatric incel.

Koshers want to promote old man+ younger woman relationships for the same reason they want to promote race-mixing: its dysgenic.

Its just really bad optics for the right-wing to be associated with the manosphere/ incelosphere, they are the ultimate anti-nietzchean promoters of slave morality. They will call for the murder of anyone who they deem as "too handsome", "too wealthy", "too intelligent" ect, they're literal communists. And they think that any man who simply wants to protect women and children from sexual predators are "cucks". It was a mistake to give incels the right to vote and free market Capitalism, I want to go back to the divine right of kings and medieval European feudal slavery-(of-incels). Any sane man will refuse to respect random rapists and pedophiles more than he respect his own wife.

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