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And they’re not even good at the jobs, then complain amongst themselves when they do not progress up into management. Even in accounting, they think the senior management should instantly reflect the 40% Asian migrant intake we have at graduate level (which we don’t even need them in, as these are *trainee* schemes and we already have too many graduates) otherwise it’s whitey’s in-group bias (which they assume *must* be as bad as theirs). The arrogance is astounding.

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I have a master's degree in Cybersecurity and I can't get work anywhere. I suspect that being male and white is hampering my ability to get hired. Maybe I should be lying about my race, because race is just a social construct anyway. I think I'm starting to feel a little brown...

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It has actually been this way, on and off, for decades. I did my Physics degree 50 years ago and my Engineering Ph.D. 40 years ago. The collapse of the USSR flooded the job market with scientists and engineers for better than a decade - combined with a reduction in government R&D spending, it was very difficult. Even 40 years ago, when I did my Ph.D., most of my fellow graduate students were foreign students. When my son did his BS - MIS and MS - Data Security at the University of Washington a few years ago, most of his fellow students were also foreign born, mostly Chinese and Indians. And the other students in the Honors program in high school that he and his sister attended were ~ 75% the children of highly educated Chinese and Indian immigrants. When he wants, he can speak English with an excellent Bangalore accent. Mind you, the honors classes I attended in high school were majority Jewish, probably children of Holacaust survivors. The popular culture criticizes academic work, so we should expect that the population that takes the harder academic courses is likely to not be representative of the general population.

Certainly immigration has suppressed the salaries of myself and my peers, but being too restrictive might well be worse - further driving the development of large centers of excellence outside of the US. I don't know where the proper balance point it.

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Wouldn’t dramatically increased labor costs impact real wages for everyone?

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This is what overpopulation looks like. An excess of humans who all want to specialize in ease of work jobs. Of course the reality is you should distribute the resources in such a way that everyone only needs to work a third of a week given an equal amount of output in quality of work. Macroeconomic policies such as inflation by design force all people to work harder for assets. With an over abundance of people whom can’t take entrepreneurial risks and don’t have the intelligence level to create value, we get over saturation at all levels of the labour market. This further depresses economic development and delays or prevents household formation, thus effectively lowering the birth rate. And given developments in narrow AI and most tasks being repetitive, humans will finally realize they only value each other for their extrinsic value and not intrinsic value or group loyalty or whatever as the intragroup competition goes to the limit while ethnocentrists win against humanitarians in a game theoretic scenario. This effectively means the elimination of large swathes of humanity that don’t add any value to civilization while in the midterm the replacement of native populations with a heterogenous mix that is easy to conquer and control due to in-group strife between intergroups, which is what the Anglo British Zionist elite strategy always has been; India or Africa.

As the systemization and operationalization of human existence reaches the maximum order of complexity in an established society due to collective evolution that is convergent, all things and beings become interchangeable; experiences, existences, minds, ideologies and body parts, even ethnicities in the future given a certain trajectory of technology.

Globalists have secured victory and dominion over the planet as they destabilize regions, misdirect attention and have people kill each other. Given a finite number of resources, that can only be better exploited by increased intelligence -- and the entropic nature of local fluxes no longer possessing differentials, until a certain criticality is reached like obtaining nuclear fusion, humans will finally have realized to off the majority of the population because of the imperfections of genetic drift and lack of fidelity preserving information that is transmitted through generations and potentially go into other forms of beings or distributed beings.

Being competitive against your own progeny is just killing your future generation-- psychopathy or negative dependent population strategies are not viable. Thus universalism in the two form strata of society is concocted, of slaves and masters. Informational control is secured and the nexus of energy is distributed in a highly ordered manner from which chaos was induced.

The end state of self organized criticality and the perfection of existence into an omnipotent form with the interim being a directed societal evolution stratification mechanistic apparatus with the lowest denominator being eliminated as a utility maximizing function for civilizational development.

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I'm sorry that this might sound like a schizo-post, but according to some conspiracy theorists, their plan of replacing whites white Sino-Indians isn't only to harm the white population, but also to harm the Sino-Indian population. This Chinese woman named Jian Liang claims that her and her Taiwanese husband and their children all became victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse after her and her husband got tech jobs in California. She says the main people running the corporation are Satanists and are trying to subject many Chinese and Indian people to Satanic Ritual Abuse in order to keep them as total-mind controlled slaves. One of the effects of this mind control is that it would turn otherwise moral and caring people into complete evil sociopaths, who become capable of doing the worst crimes. You can read Jian Liangs claims here:

https : // breakthemkchain . org /

Apparently the plan of the Satanic Ritual Abuse perpetrators is to attract all the high-IQ Sino-Indian type people away from their home countries, and then when they arrived in white countries, use Satanic Ritual Abuse mind-control on them (as described in Fritz Springmeier books) and at that point they will basically have control over the whole world. If Satanists can mind control the elite high IQ population of every country and every ethnic group, then they don't have to worry about doing anything to control the lower IQ populations of those groups.

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