I'd like men to return to political power but I don't think going back to the marriage arrangements listed here is in anyone's interest. I do believe that companionate marriage is better for children. But obviously the divorce and childcare laws need changing.

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shut up faggot

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If you are a white man, it is not very good to identify with men from the incel community and incel subculture. This is because the majority of incels are men of color, and the majority of chads are white men. So, being anti-chad is being anti-white. Supporting the incel ideology will ultimately only destroy the white race in the long term. Any white man who is an incel is likely to be an incel not because he is ugly, but rather because he is handsome and simply has a shy and sensitive nature of an artist, scientist, aristocrat, or philosopher, so is too shy to talk to women, even though he is very handsome. This is the nature of the white race, to be very handsome and intelligent, but also to have strong morality and high empathy, even to the point of pathological altruism. This pathologically altruistic nature can cause social anxiety in some more sensitive individuals. Meanwhile, men of color tend to be incels because they are just violent and ugly, men of color treat women like trash.

If there was going to be nazi eugenics program used to increase the physical beauty, health, and IQ of the white race, some of that sort of eugenics program may require having many white women breeding with only the top 1% of blue eyed blonde aryan chads, leaving majority of men without a wife, the government would have to give them other benefits instead, like money, drugs etc. Therefore, its wrong to see the nature of white women as inherently evil.

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Hybristophilia is common among women, literally dark triad personality men are ranked higher in beautiness, also woman standards are so inflated that even for get a fat ugly women you have to be a greek god, no way why incels, PUAS and MGTOWs are a thing

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Science is objective, Morality is objective, Beauty is objective. It has been ordained by God himself that young blonde blue eyed white men are objectively more beautiful than men of all other races.

Would you prefer a wife who is ugly rather than a wife who is beautiful? Would you prefer a wife who is fat rather than a wife who is thin? Would you prefer a wife you who is an old hag rather than a wife who is young? Would you prefer a wife who is a roastie rather than a virgin? No, of course not. It is an objective fact that all men who are sane and normal, prefer women who are maximally beautiful, thin, chaste, and young.

So why would you say that men prefer women who are beautiful, but that women prefer men who are ugly? You're coping. The idea of hybristophilia: the idea that the more wrathful, slothful, conceited, lusftful, gluttonous, greedy, and envious a man is, the more women are attracted to him, is the laziest cope in the world. Moral virtue is difficult, vice is easy. Awfully convenient that this "hybristophilia" theory allows men to feel that the more sins they commit, the more that they are entitled to sex with hot aryan stacies. It doesn't sound like the kind of notion that would come from the brain of a white man, because if you look at the crime statistics, you'll see that the majority of crimes are committed by non-whites.

Your statements about hybristrophilia are proven false by the fact the white race is the most physically beautiful race, while simultaneously being the race of people which commits the fewest crimes. Beauty and morality are connected. The more physically beautiful a person is, the less likely they are to commit crimes. People who deny this are using what Nietzche called slave morality, a false morality built on envy of the superior man:




People regardless of their gender, are not morally entitled to be around people who want to get away from them. The logic that incels use to justify rape is the same logic that people of color use to justify why they should be allowed into white countries, even though white people do not want to be around people of color. The truth is that the white race is not harming anyone by simply asserting our wish to live separately from certain other non-white races of people; and women are not harming anyone by simply asserting their wish to live separately from certain men. Freedom of association is a God-given right.

You and your people need to get out of white countries and leave us alone, we don't want you in our homelands.

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First I'm caucasian, literally one of my parents is hair-blonded from central europe and the other a spaniard, 2nd literally Bronski have an essay where he speaks about the disgenic of women dating you can find in the exousiology website, of course freedom association is good, in fact I want to use it to let men go to a whore and don't having to be a simp or a hardtrier only to get an histeric women

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Oops my mistake I thought this was a place for intelligent conversation

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Women are mentally retarded like children, and hence can not be given equal rights as men because women are incapable of moral agency. A society of arranged marriage as a social norm allows for fathers to decide who their sons and daughter should marry. A society where there is no arranged marriage allows women to hoe around and causes young white men to have to fight for young white women against random 40 year old unmarried black men who have unnatural and injust hatred for young white men.

The only way to protect young white men and protect young white women from predatory 40 year old black men is to give white fathers absolute control and authority over who their adult children are allowed to marry and not allow to marry.

#Chadlivesmatter #whitelivesmatter #ThewhiteraceistheChadrace #WhitenessisChadness

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Too intelligent for you, as it were.

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conservative-liberal TFR gap is not compatible with your hypothesis

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Interesting though I don't think is good neither possible to return to that situation, we must legalize prostitution in order to decrease women sexual value, protect father's rights, treat women violence against men same as the other way and abolition of abortion

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What kind of sane white father in his right mind would allow his white daughter to become a whore? You just proved Joesph Bronski's argument correct with your comment. If white fathers were given absolute authority over who their sons and daughter should marry, no white woman would ever become a prostitute, because her father would not allow it. You said "protect father's rights". It sound like your implying that is is a fathers right to allow his daughter to become a prostitute? But why would any father prefer that his daughter become a prostitute rather than a nun, or a wife & mother? Would you want your daughter to become a prostitute?

Being pro-prostitution is being anti-white, because the majority of white men are chads, and the majority of incels are men of color. Being pro-prostitution in this day and age is basically saying that you want to implement political policies that would benefit people of color much more than they would benefit white people.

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In general men virginity in white societies are rising, that includes whites ones, also is a pro-male policy because It would decrease the exarcerbated hypergamy of our societies, as for people of color the problem is not having inmigration that prioritise whites over other races not prostitution, Henry De Lesquen propose opening the brothels in France and the guy is basically Trumpism on Steroids, you're a bit gynocentric pal

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Alright, I understand now, you are a communist, a sexual communist, you believe that incels are the proletariat of sex and this incel proletarian army must seize the 'means of production' from the sexual 'bourgeoisie' - women and chads. Just like how its explained in this video by Jreg:


You need to educate yourself about the detrimental effects that communism has had on society, here is a good introductory video explaining why communism is bad:


To further educate yourself about the harmful effects of communism, I would also recommend you read 'The Gulad Archipelago' By Alexander Solzhenitsyn, here is a link to the audiobook version of it:


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Hold a sec, I didn't talk about slaving women in fact I was speaking about sexual market value decrease of females by sexual market deregulation, It will be more inteligent to accuse me of being a shitlib or a lolbert than this lenghty red scare text

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